Website Packages and Prices

Flat White Websites come in different strengths to suit the needs of your business.

If you find that you need more from your site as your business grows, it’s easy to upgrade to a different website package without losing any of your content.

Scroll down to compare options in a table.

The Espresso:
£12 per month or £120 per year

Perfect for those who are starting out or just want something simple, the Espresso gives you everything you need.

This package comes with all our standard website features plus the following page sections with scrolling navigation – so it feels like a full website without being as time-consuming:

  • Home Section
  • About Section
  • Services Section
  • Contact Section

The Macchiato:
£18 per month or £180 per year

A great step up from the Espresso for those who need their website to work a bit harder, the Macchiato gives your site more power.

You’ll get brilliantly useful features and plugins to boost your business, as well as unlimited pages and a blog.

This site includes all our standard website features, plus:

  • Home Page to introduce your business
  • About Page so that your customers can get to know the people behind your brand
  • News Page so you can post blogs and let customers know what you’re up to
  • Contact Page to make it really easy for people to get in touch
  • Page Template for unlimited additional pages
  • Blog Template for unlimited blog posts
  • Twitter and Instagram Plug-Ins to display your feeds anywhere on your website
  • Yoast Plug- In to help with your SEO analysis, getting you seen by search engines
  • Google Analytics integration, so you can understand how people are using your site
  • Extra email address

The Flat White:
£24 per month or £240 per year

With fully customisable colours and typefaces, plus the very best Plugins for your developing business, the Flat White is the all-singing, all-dancing star of our show.

This is the one for you if you want to link your site with your email marketing, or if you want to sell products or services online.

The Flat White includes everything in the Macchiato, plus:

  • Mailchimp integration, so you can link with your newsletters and email marketing
  • Stripe integration, so you can sell products and courses direct from your website (these integrations would normally cost $249 per year)
  • Custom colour options so you can tailor the site to your own brand
  • Full Google fonts so you can pick the ones that work best for your brand
  • Both .com and domain names for 12 months
  • Extra “Call to Action” button options
  • Extra template for Portfolio Page
  • Customisable Contact Form
Support in person and through “How To” videos✔️✔️✔️
Free Workshop or Webinar ✔️✔️✔️
WordPress Content Management System✔️✔️✔️
SSL Certificate✔️✔️✔️
12 months’ Hosting✔️✔️✔️
12 months’ and/or .com Domain Name/sOneOneBoth
Email Address linked to your website domain nameOneTwoTwo
Style Blends – colours and fonts4 pre-set blends4 pre-set blendsCustom colours and Google fonts
Social Media Icons✔️✔️✔️
Contact FormStandardStandardCustomisable
Home, About, Services and Contact sections✔️
Home Page, About Page, News Page (including Blog), and Contact Page✔️✔️
Page Template for unlimited pages✔️✔️
Post Template for unlimited blogs✔️✔️
Yoast Plugin for SEO analysis of content✔️✔️
Google Analytics integration to monitor your website visitors’ behaviour✔️✔️
Twitter Feed to display anywhere on website✔️✔️
Instagram Feed to display anywhere on website✔️✔️
Portfolio Page Template✔️
Mailchimp integration for newsletters and email marketing✔️
Stripe integration to sell products and courses direct from website✔️
Extra Call to Action buttons✔️
COST: pay monthly option£12 per month£18 per month£24 per month
COST: pay annually option£120 (save £24 per year)£180 (save £36 per year)£240 (save £48 per year)

Decision made? Ready to buy? It couldn’t be easier