Welcome to the Showcase of our websites.

Check out how our clients have made their website their own, and scroll down to see sample websites we have built to show your our different blends.

Showcase: Client websites on different size devices

Our Clients’ Websites

We love seeing our clients make their Flat White Website their own.

Have a look at our latest examples:

Resident Human

Resident Human website on desktop

Marketing strategist, with Blog

Eye-catching photos and content shows how the Resident Human puts “soul into the machine”.

Blend: Custom

Website Package: The Flat White

Much More Social

Showcase: Much More Social website on desktop

Personal branding showcased by Social Media manager

Ella makes full use of professional branding photos to make sure her personality shines through.

Blend: Muted

Website Package: The Macchiato

Creatively Spotted

Showcase: Creatively Spotted website on desktop

Brilliantly designed images create a unique Social Media brand.

Maia demonstrates her exceptional eye for detail.

Blend: Custom

Website Package: The Flat White

Fairways Communications

Showcase: Fairways Communications website on desktop

PR and Communications expert

Fiona has used her own communications expertise to showcase her ability with clear, focussed content, combined with commissioned photos to match her brand.

Blend: Muted

Website Package: The Macchiato

Believe in ME

Showcase: Believe in Me Affirmations website on desktop

Self Belief and empowerment products

Beki’s eCommerce website, with original photos and empowering blog.

Blend: Custom

Website Package: The Flat White

Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow


Educating children about food choices.

Featuring specially commissioned illustrations and children’s book.

Blend: Custom

Website Package: The Flat White

Curiosity Social Media

Showcase: Curiosity Social Media website on desktop

Suzanne specialises in Instagram and Facebook advertising.

Fantastic use of photos bring personality to her Curiosity brand.

Blend: Custom

Website Package: The Flat White

Laura Hetzler Nutrition

Showcase: Laura Hetzler Nutrition website on desktop

Laura is a fully qualified nutritionist.

Crystal clear content about Laura and her services.

Blend: Fresh

Website Package: The Macchiato

Our Ready-Made Blends

Click on any of the images below to see working examples of our website packages and blends.

Fresh Blend

Showcase: Fresh Website on desktop

Fresh as Spring

Crisp contrasting reds and greens, blended with serif and non-serif fonts from the Source family.

Blend: Fresh

Website Package: The Macchiato

Bright Blend

Showcase: Bright website on desktop

Bright as Summer

A blend of blues, yellows and whites, with modern informal fonts.

Blend: Bright

Website Package: The Espresso

Warm Blend

Showcase: Warm Website on desktop

Warm as Autumn

A blend of mustard yellow and wine red – organic and inviting.

Blend: Warm

Website Package: The Macchiato

Muted Blend

Showcase: Muted Website on desktop

Muted as Winter

Soft and subtle blend – understated cool.

Blend: Muted

Website Package: The Espresso

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