About Us

Hello! We’re Fred and Penny, and we love de-mystifying the world of websites.

Once upon a time, we knew nothing about websites. When we tried to design our first site, we found the experience daunting and confusing.

But, soon, we fell in love with the whole process.

We set up Flat White Websites so we can take away the fear, the overwhelm and the confusion that we felt when we first started. It can feel like there’s so much to learn, so many options, and so many decision to make. You don’t want to ask “stupid” questions (we don’t think stupid questions exist!), you don’t understand the technical side of things, and you’re faced with so many design decisions that you don’t know how to make.

We offer a really personalised service to guide you through every step of the journey. We help you to have a website that you can be proud of and that really works for your business. You will get our full support, so that you feel confident managing your website as you go. And we’re always here if you have questions.

Penny running a website workshop

Since we set up our first website, we’ve learned a lot, picking up plenty of tips, tricks and experience along the way. We now share our knowledge to guide you through everything from the technical aspects of your website, to the skills you need to manage the day-to-day content side of yourself. We’re here to un-complicate as much as we can, for as long as you need us.

Fred helping Susie with her website

Working with Fred and Penny has been an absolute joy. They have been a huge encouragement through the process of setting up my website. They are so supportive and knowledgeable and I’m grateful for all of their help. 

Beki, Believe In Me Affirmations

We take each website’s journey personally – and, every time the “Publish” button is pressed on a Flat White Website, we cheer!

Meet Penny, Flat White’s web designer

Penny Badowska, designer and coder at Flat White Design

Hi! I’m Penny, the one who builds our websites.

I originally trained as an architect, and I now use the design skills, approaches to structure and style that I learned then, applying them to our websites.

After a roundabout route of studying Art History and working as a book editor, I now design websites that not only look beautiful, but work beautifully too. 

Alongside the packages I design for small businesses through Flat White Websites, I also design and build complex custom websites from scratch at Green Ginger Design.

And I see numbers in colours, which may explain the beauty I find in coding.

Meet Fred, Flat White’s website coach

Hello, I’m Fred, and I’m definitely a do-er.

I think that shows in the fact that I’ve been a rowing coach for many years, as well as a project manager.

I’m the one who’ll set your website up to your specifications and coach you while you get it up and running (and beyond). 

I run our workshops and our webinars, helping you learn to upload your content with confidence.

Any questions? I’m happy to answer! Penny has the lead on coding languages, but you can try asking me questions in French (I’m fluent).

Fred responded instantly to every request and if something couldn’t be sorted straight away, he would keep me updated throughout. It’s amazing to have such great support.

Charlotte, Social For Business