Step 1: Edit your Coming Soon page

Coming Soon Page of Flat White WebsiteYour Coming Soon page is already in place on your website.

This means that your website domain is already being indexed by Google and all the other search engines, ready for when you publish your live website.

How to Edit the Content

Your Coming Soon page won’t be visible to you when you are logged in to your website, so look at it in a guest browser window to see your edits.

1 Upload your own image

Choose an image that relates to your business. The width should be a maximum of 2500px, and the file should be 1MB maximum.

Tip: Make sure that the image you choose isn’t too “busy” – simple images with plenty of clean space in the centre will ensure that all the content can be read easily.

2 Edit the Message

Currently, it says “Website Coming Soon”, but you can personalise this – you could even add a date when your website will go live!

3 Choose the best Colours for your Brand:

You can choose the Text Colour, which affects the Site Title and your Welcome Message, and the Link Colour, which affects the email address and social media icons.

Tip: Choose colours that provide a clear contrast to each other.

4 Add social media icons

If you have provided us with social media links, these will be added already. Otherwise, add links to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

Tip: let your followers know that your website is coming soon – it’s much more likely to happen if you make a positive announcement!

Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to make all these edits:

When you are ready to launch your live website, you just switch off the Coming Soon plugin:

If you have any problems editing your Coming Soon page, or any other aspects of your new website, please get in touch by phone or email – we are happy to help.

And if you are ready to edit any other aspects of your website, there are plenty of videos here which explain what to do.