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What is the difference between a Single Page and a Multi Page Website?

Single or Multi Page Website mock up for Flat White Websites blog

Every business needs a website. But not every business needs a complex  website. It is easy to add unnecessary content to pad out a website with the mistaken idea that this will make your business look more professional. And it’s just as easy to miss out the really essential content users need because you over… Read more »

How to clear your cache (and why would you?)

Graphic for Flat White Website blog Clearing Caches

One of the oldest computer support suggestions (and one that quite often works) is, “Turn it off and then turn it back on again”. (If only we could do that with the real world). When someone is trying to work on their WordPress website and can’t log in, the first thing I will generally suggest… Read more »

Glossary of Website Jargon

Website Jargon Glossary Blog

If you have your own business, you will know how important it is to have your own website. But it can be a daunting process when so much that is written about websites is full of confusing jargon. So here is our Glossary of the most common Website Jargon. And we’ve included tips about how… Read more »

Why Alt Tags matter for your Images

Ranunculus in vase for Alt Tag blog

Alt Tags describe the image on a website page for screen readers. If anyone is using a screen reader rather than seeing the content on a screen, an Alt Tag ensures that the visitor still has full access to the content. It is therefore really important to add useful Alt Tags to all your images… Read more »

Why Meta Data is important for your Website SEO

How to add Meta Data to your WordPress Website blog

Meta Data is the information that is displayed about your website in search engine results. You can control the information that is shown by editing the meta data within your website’s content management system. Adding keywords will make sure that your website’s SEO is in great shape. What is Meta Data? Key point: add keywords… Read more »

Why is launching your website so scary?

Nasturtiums and keyboard for launching your website blog

It may not seem as though launching your website requires an act of bravery but, for many of us, it does. We think that when we press the button and the website goes live, the whole world will be able to see our tiny imperfections. Trust me – they won’t. We also have this bizarre… Read more »

When is the best time to make your website live?

However much we have planned and however much we like the idea of getting our website live, we all put off the moment of truth with different styles of excuses. We kid ourselves with questions and answers like: “Have I uploaded the best possible pictures? A better one might come up next week (or next month)… Read more »

Blog v Website: what is the difference?

Blog v Website graphic for blog

Blog v Websites – confused? First things first: All blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs. Now let’s dig a bit deeper. What is a Blog? A blog is a dynamic website where the blog posts or entries are published in reverse chronological order. When a visitor lands on a Blog, the most… Read more »

Domain Name: answers to FAQs

Notepad and pen for Domain Name FAQ blog

1 What is a Domain name? A Domain Name is a unique name that people type into a browser to find a particular website. Ours is “” It it similar to our company name – Flat White Websites – but has to have a top-level domain too. 2 Are Domain Names and Websites separate things?… Read more »

How to use the WordPress Visual Editor

Graphic for WordPress Visual Editor blog

The WordPress Visual Editor is part of every page of your website, and it’s where you can add and edit your content. The default setting is “Visual”, and this is suitable for adding a full range of content. If you want to add raw code, you can click on “Text” at the right of the… Read more »