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1 What is a Domain name?

A Domain Name is a unique name that people type into a browser to find a particular website. Ours is “” It it similar to our company name – Flat White Websites – but has to have a top-level domain too.

2 Are Domain Names and Websites separate things?

Yes. Every website needs a domain name, although every domain name doesn’t need a website.

3 Free v paid Domain Names: which is better?

Domain names are often provided by website hosts for free. This is usually one name, and often for a limited time period. It’s a good incentive, but only if the name is registered to you and not the host. That way, you can move your website to another host when your current contract ends.

4 Where can I buy a Domain Name?

You can buy a domain name via an accredited registrar. Nominet is responsible for any domain ending in the .uk Top Level. They have a useful page on their website where you can type in a domain (as long as it has a .uk ending), and they will list all the different registrars that can offer it for sale.

5 How much does it cost to register a Domain Name?

This depends on the Top Level. For example, “” is more expensive than “”.

Expect to pay between £5 and £10 per year for the first year, and increasing to between £10 and £20 for subsequent years. Buying a domain name for 3-5 years will reduce the annual cost.

It’s worth shopping around as costs vary between different companies.

6 Can I purchase a Domain Name directly from a website host?

Usually, yes. Make sure that the domain is registered in your name, and not in your host’s name. (We do this for any domain name that we provide for our Flat White Websites.)

7 Can I transfer my Domain Name if I change website host?
Yes. Because you have registered your domain, you can point it to any website host you choose.
8 Should I purchase a domain name through a registrar or a website host?

It’s up to you. Some website hosts offer a free domain name for the first year, which is great if you are on a limited budget. But, whether you buy through a registrar or your website host, check what you will pay after the first 12 months.

9 Are domain names with .com always preferable?

Not necessarily. The good thing about .com is that it is known worldwide. The bad thing is that it doesn’t give any clue to your location, and it is usually more expensive. We recommend buying at least two domain names – .com and your country (in our case, – if you can afford it.

10 Should I protect my personal information with private registration?

Not really, unless you have very personal information.

11 Does it matter what the name is for SEO?

It is better for SEO if your name makes sense. Including a keyword that reflects your business is a good idea. For example, B&Q have as their domain name as B&Q doesn’t give any information about their business for search engines. However, make sure that your domain name is easy to say and memorable.

Struggling to choose a Domain Name for your business? Download this Infographic for some helpful tips:

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How to Choose your Domain Name Infographic

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