5 essential reasons not to embed text on images

Text on images blog image

Text on website images might seem like a great way to create eye-catching content. That might be ok on social media, but it’s a big no-no in the website world.

Here’s 5 reasons why not to embed text on images.

1. Everybody deserves to access your website

Imagine not being able to read this text right now. That’s the reality for people who use screen readers due to visual impairments. If your text is stuck in an image, those readers miss out.

Making your website accessible means everyone can enjoy what you have to offer.

2. Google can’t ‘read’ text on images

Search engines like Google are pretty smart, but they can’t interpret text on images. If your important information is stuck in a picture, Google won’t know it exists. That means your website might not show up in search results.

Using plain text ensures search engines can understand your content and help people find your website easily.

3. Your website needs to look good everywhere

Nowadays, people look at websites on all sorts of devices – from tiny smartphones to big desktop screens. Text on images doesn’t resize well. It can end up too small or too big, making your website look messy and unprofessional.

Using regular text ensures your content looks great on any screen, keeping visitors happy no matter what device they’re using.

Check out our Instagram reel so you can see exactly what I mean.

4. Speed things up

Slow websites are frustrating. When you put text on images, these images become larger and take longer to load. Slow-loading websites drive visitors away.

Using plain text keeps your website lightweight and super fast, ensuring people stick around to see what you have to offer.

5. Easy updates

Need to change some information on your website? If it’s in an image, you’ll have to edit the image itself, which can be a hassle. But if your text is separate, updating is easy. You can change details without any graphic design skills. That means your website stays up-to-date, and you stay stress-free.


Keeping your text out of images is the right solution for you and your website visitors. It’s not just about looks – it’s about making sure your website is

  • accessible
  • searchable
  • adaptable
  • fast
  • easy to manage.

Whenever you do use an image (hopefully without text, now you’ve read this blog!), it’s really important to add Alt Text so screen readers can describe an image. Read our blog to find out why Alt Text is important, and how to write it well.

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