Why is launching your website so scary?

Nasturtiums and keyboard for launching your website blog

It may not seem as though launching your website requires an act of bravery but, for many of us, it does.

We think that when we press the button and the website goes live, the whole world will be able to see our tiny imperfections.

Trust me – they won’t.

We also have this bizarre belief that the minute it’s live, we will be inundated with demands – the whole world has been waiting for our launch in the same way as people wait for the latest iPhone.

Don’t worry. Unless you have spent a fortune on hyping it all up on every social medium and TV outlet, you will be able to cope with the demand.

For most of our prospective clients, a website is a cross between the online equivalents of Yellow Pages and Who’s Who.

Website visitors want to know three main things:

  • what you are offering,
  • who you are, and
  • how to get in touch.

If you have some testimonials on display – even better. If your colour scheme and fonts all stack-up and you have some nice pictures, they will feel comfortable and like your style even more.

One of our all-time, favourite poems is:

“Come to the edge. We might fall.

Come to the edge. It’s too high!


And they came – And he pushed – And they flew”

Christopher Logue (often misattributed to Guillaume Apollinaire)

If your website has enough on it to be “good enough” (not perfect) then, be brave – and fly.

We set up Flat White Websites because we know how scary it is to launch your first website. We’ve been there! So all our websites comes with a Home Page, an About Page and a Contact Page. You can then choose the best colour and font blend for you.

Check out what we offer here. And you can read more about how our websites work here.

What’s holding you back from launching your website?