How to add a Landing Page website

The Extra Shot Landing Page adds a new section to your Customizer.

This enables you to edit the content which is displayed “above the fold”, in the same way that you edited the “above the fold” content on your Home Page.

The videos below demonstrate how to tailor the Landing Page to your business and your brand.

General Introduction to your Landing Page options, and how to change the Background

Choose an image or solid colour background for both Desktop and Mobile screens.

How to add Content

Option to add your Logo, as well as written content. You can also choose to add a Sign-Up form, which we have set up for you. The last video shows how to link freebies to your Sign-Up form.

How to edit the Layout

Move the content top, middle or bottom, and left, centre or right.

How to tailor the Colours to suit your brand

Tailor every element to stand out against the background and work with your brand and your message.

The rest of your Landing Page

Option to add extra content, just as you can on any of your other pages.

Linking freebies to your Sign Up Form

How to link freebies for anyone signing up.

You can find all our other How To videos here, or get in touch if you need any help.