Step 2: Choosing Colours and Typefaces

Colours and Typefaces on desktop

Choosing Colours and Typefaces are key to setting the right tone for your website – and the fun bit for you too!

1 Choosing your Colours

Examples of Colours for Flat White websites

There are three key colours to choose:

The Main colour: this is the main identify of your website, so choose a colour that works best with your brand.

The Highlight colour: this is the colour for any links within your website, so you want to make sure it is distinctive from the rest of the content.

The Body colour: this is the most neutral colour for larger areas of text.

To select your colours, go to “Customizer/Colours”.

Tip: choose colours with a good contrast.

Watch the video below for full details:

2 Choosing your Typefaces

Examples of Fonts for Flat White website

There are three categories where you can choose your font:

The Site Title: this shows wherever you choose to have a Site Title – on the Hero Image, and/or in the Navigation Bar. This can be the most eye-catching choice.

The Headings: this shows in all your headings, which will be in your Main Colour.

The Body: this is for your larger areas of text, which will be in your Body Text Colour.

To select your colours, go to “Customizer/Typography”.

Tip: choose a serif and a sans-serif option to contrast between the Headings and the Body.

Watch the video below for full details:

If you decide that the colour and font choices in another blend will suit your business better, it’s really easy to change:
  • go to “Customizer” and, at the top, you will see the name of the Active Theme e.g. “Bright Theme by Flat White”.
  • Click on “Change”.
  • Select one of the other blends and preview it with your content.
  • If you like the look of it, click Publish.

Do you have your own colours and fonts for your brand? We offer Custom Colours and the full range of Google Fonts on our Custom website – get in touch if you would like to invest in this option.

Here’s are two Infographics which summaries the Colour and Font options:

Colours Infographic for Flat White website

If you have any problems choosing your colours or fonts, or any other aspects of your new website, please get in touch by phone or email – we are happy to help.

And if you are ready to edit any other aspects of your website, there are plenty of videos here which explain what to do.