Domain Name: answers to FAQs

1 What is a Domain name? A Domain Name is a unique name that people type into a browser to find a particular website. Ours is “” It it similar to our company name – Flat White Websites – but has to have a top-level domain too. 2 Are Domain Names and Websites separate things?… Read more »

How to use the WordPress Visual Editor

The WordPress Visual Editor is part of every page of your website, and it’s where you can add and edit your content. The default setting is “Visual”, and this is suitable for adding a full range of content. If you want to add raw code, you can click on “Text” at the right of the… Read more »

Why you need a Coming Soon Page

A Coming Soon page is the simplest way to get started on a website for your new business. Any business needs a website – however small. But having all the content ready for a website, when you are just starting a business? That’s hard, and, from talking to lots of people embarking on the daunting… Read more »

Logging in to your Website

Whenever you want to edit the content on your Flat White Website, the starting point is Logging In to your WordPress dashboard. To log in, go to your website Home Page or Coming Soon page, go to the address bar, and type in “/wp-admin” after your website address, then Enter:  For example, for the Flat… Read more »

General Introduction to your Flat White Website

We have designed Flat White Websites to be as simple as possible for you to set up. Your website will arrive with dummy images and content. Dummy content is included to explain the different sections of the website – edit this before your website goes live. Straight off, you have 4 pages already set up… Read more »

How to Source Photographs for your Website

Photographs are crucial for your website. Whether it is a Hero Image on your Home Page that introduces your business to your visitor, or a Background Image that is revealed as you scroll down the page, choose your images carefully. The origin of the phrase “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” is disputed (maybe… Read more »

Where to use photos on your Flat White Website

What’s the saying – a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, photos certainly help to create a mood for your brand, even if you don’t need to rely on them to tell your whole story. This blog explains the different places you can add photos to your Flat White Design website. We have added… Read more »