Blog v Website: what is the difference?

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Blog v Websites – confused?

First things first:

All blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a dynamic website where the blog posts or entries are published in reverse chronological order. When a visitor lands on a Blog, the most recently published content is shown first.

The word “Blog” is shorthand for “Web Log”, which were originally personal journals shared online.  Blog content is now often called “Entries” or “Posts”, so a Blog will consist of a series of regularly published “Posts”. The content is usually broken down into different categories too, so it’s easy to find relevant content.

Because of the more personal, informal nature of a blog, readers can often interract with the content via Comments or Likes.

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What is a Website?

A website is a collection of static content displayed as one or more pages. Once published, it will stay in the same arrangement until it is updated.

Every website has a Landing Page, usually called the Home Page. A traditional Website will have a static Home Page, where content is laid out according to the importance of information, not according to the date it was published. Having introductory sections on your Home Page will lead visitors to other parts of the website, such as Contact Page, About Page, Terms and Conditions, etc.

You have control over how information is displayed on every website page, so can guide visitors around your website and encourage them to buy your product or get in touch.

Blog v Website: which is better?

Hmm.  That depends. If you want to share your favourite recipes or engage with like-minded people, a blog is the best starting point. If you want to sell products or services, a static website is best.

But the best option is to have a website which includes a blog. This is because static and dynamic content are treated differently by search engines.

Posts, which are dynamic content, are published differently to pages, which are static content.  When a post is published, it is “pinged”, which means that search engines are immediately aware that there is new content at your domain address. When pages are added or content on pages are edited, there is no notification to search engines that this has been done. Therefore, it is valuable, if you want to rank more highly be search engines, to publish blog content.

Do Blogs and Websites need domain name?

Both Blogs and Websites need domain names.  (Read our blog about Domain Names here.) You can start a blog on a blogging platform such as or for free without having your own domain name – in which case your domain name would be However, it is much better to invest in your own domain name right from the start, so you can have

Do I need a separate Website and Blog for my business?

No. It is much better to have a blog as part of your main website.

Can I have a Blog on my Website?

Yes!  In fact, we would thoroughly recommend having one. It is the best way to ensure that your website is regularly updated.  Search engines rate blogs over static information, so a blog from your website is more likely to be ranked more highly than information published on a page. is our favourite platform for combining the two – you add Pages for the static, evergreen content of your Website, and Posts for the regularly posted content on your Blog.

All our websites are WordPress because we believe it is the best way to add both static and dynamic content.  And because we practise what we preach (most of the time!), we have designed all our websites with a Blog included because we believe it is the best combination for any business. (Check out our packages here.)

Any more questions about Blog v Website? Just ask below, or get in touch – we are happy to help. And if you’d like more Website Wisdom tips straight to your inbox, sign up here.

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Blog v Website - what is the difference, which is best for business, best for small business?

Blog v Website – what is the difference?