Why Alt Tags matter for your Images

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Alt Tags describe the image on a website page for screen readers.

If anyone is using a screen reader rather than seeing the content on a screen, an Alt Tag ensures that the visitor still has full access to the content. It is therefore really important to add useful Alt Tags to all your images to ensure that your website is fully accessible.

Website Images and Alt Tags


Key point: Alt Tags describe an image for anyone using a Screen Reader.

Why is it important to use Alt Tags?



Key Point: make sure the Alt Tags are accurate descriptions of your images to maximise your SEO.

How to Add Alt Tags to existing images



Top Tip: go through all your images in your Media Library, and add descriptive Alt Tags.

Adding Alt Tags when you upload new images


Top Tip: make sure that you Alt Tags include relevant keywords that also describe the image.

Google gives a great example of what you should – and what you shouldn’t – include in Alt Tags:

Example of best Alt Tags content

Read this blog for information about how to help your SEO even more by editing your website Meta Data.

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