Step 5: How to add Testimonials

Mock up of Testimonials

Testimonials are endorsements by other people that show the value of what you offer. Including testimonials in your website is invaluable, and expected

How do I get Testimonials?

Be proactive. People are invariably happy to help when you are getting your business up and running.

  • Send out feedback forms to clients, with an incentive such as a discount for feedback received.
  • If you haven’t got any paid customers yet, send out free samples or offer your services for free, in return for feedback – we had three guinea pigs when we started Flat White Websites, who got free websites in return for feedback.
  • If you aren’t working full time on your business yet, ask your current employer to give a testimonial on your relevant qualities.

Make it as easy as possible for clients to give feedback. Rather than asking “Please can you give me a review”, adapt these questions:

    • How would you describe this service/product to a friend?
    • Would you recommend this service/product? Why?
    • What would you say to anyone considering hiring me?
    • What surprised you the most about buying my product/service?
    • Was there anything that made our products/services stand out?

Where do I add Testimonials?

Testimonials are displayed in Rotators. Your website is set up to with one Rotator on your Home Page, and a second Rotator on your About Page:

Testimonial Rotators graphic

When you add testimonials, you can choose whether they appear in the Home Page Rotator and/or the About Page Rotator.

No testimonials yet? Don’t panic – you can add them to your website when it is live.

How do I add Testimonials?

Testimonials are added by clicking on “Testimonials” in your Dashboard

Watch this video for full details:

Here is an Infographic that shows you how to add a Testimonial:

How to add a Testimonial Infographic