12 Inspiring 404 Page Examples from real websites

Error 404 image for 404 Page blog

A 404 Page might not be at the top of your To-Do List when you are setting up your website. But, we all make mistakes. And, if you have a missing page or broken link on your website, visitors will see this error page automatically.

Use this to show your visitors that you’re a friendly, real person:

  • Include links to other helpful pages
  • Give them ways to get in touch – include an email address, or your Social Media links
  • Best of all, add in some humour – make the visitor pleased that this accidental page appeared!

Here are our favourite 404 Page examples to inspire you

1 Pixar

Pixar 404 Page

Pixar chooses just the right character to express sadness and frustration – sweet and on-brand. And, if you’re an animation studio, it’s a perfect place to showcase your skill.

2 Bret Victor

Brett Victor 404 page, showing pipe

Simple as can be – but clever, too. Our intellect is appeased because we like recognising the nod to the painting by Magritte that is the inspiration. Perfect showcase for a clever computer programmer.

3 Victoria Spicer

Victoria is a set designer. Here’s a 404 Page image is a mini-set which manages to tell a story, and immediately showcasing her talent.

4 Spotify

Perfectly on-brand – re-load the page if you can’t see anything moving!

5 Marvel

What do you do when you’re spoilt for choice, like Marvel, with so many different characters? Answer: randomly load different pages with different characters.

6 AirBnB

Is it wrong to have a favourite 404 Page….? This hits the spot, just as the ice cream hits the floor.

7 Lego

Lego 404 Page

Everything is Awesome – of course! (But it would be even more awesome if the soundtrack played too.)

8 Nasa

Nasa 404 page

Nothing fancy – just an on-brand message, and a rather stunning image. Great example of simplicity.

9 Mailchimp

It’s not just the animation that works here. The message is bold and clear: we’ve done something wrong, but we’ll help you find the right place. Seems like Mailchimp are friendly, helpful people, doesn’t it?

10 Figma

Figma create design tools. Here, the 404 itself demonstrates what they offer. (Warning: visiting this page can be seriously time-consuming….)

11 Slack

You might not have wanted to go to Slack’s 404 Page, but, as you’re there, you can explore a magical world by moving your mouse.

12 Sprout Social

Sprout Social 404 page

A reminder that you’re not disadvantaged because you don’t have your own animation team. Use a simple message, choose a clear image and include a Call to Action.

More 404 Page inspiration

Canva have written a helpful blog demonstrating how to construct an effective 404 page. And check out their own error page too.

Ready for your own 404 Page?

We have designed a 404 Page Extra Shot that can be added to our multi page Macchiato or eCommerce Flat White websites. It’s simple for you to add an image and tailor your message.